The Right Job for Your Site Improvement in Alexandria

Deciding on the right type of job for your site improvement? There is a lot to factor in for asphalt or concrete repair: costs of material, sealing, temperature, skid resistance, visibility, and more. Contact Berry Paving today and we’ll answer any questions you have about your future paving project in Alexandria, VA!

We’ll Answer Any Asphalt or Concrete Paving Questions You Have!

What are the best options for asphalt paving and repair – asphalt patching or overlaying the lot with a top coat? Do you know the amount of material needed for the work? Berry Paving can answer these questions for you! Contact us today for a free estimate for your paving project in Alexandria, VA.

Asphalt Trail Repair in Springfield, VA

“We are starting a project and looking for an asphalt paving contractor to replace a section of an asphalt trail. The approximate length of the trail is 70 feet. The trail construction consists of 2 in. thick asphalt on 4 in. thick stone and the base extends 6 in. on either side of the asphalt.” – Springfield, VA

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