We Trench and Refine Ditches and Drainage Areas!

Whether the scope is big or small, we are ready for your paving project! With our equipment and skilled team, we can clear trees and rubble, move dirt, level areas, dig, trench and refine ditches and drainage areas, prepare with curbing and sidewalks, and of course, complete the job with a layer of asphalt paving or concrete. Contact Berry Paving today for your paving repair or project in Centreville, VA!

Factors That Go Into Your Paving Project in Centreville, VA

Some factors you need to consider in your paving project are the proper drainage, traffic and ultimate use. You need to be able to work around water mains and utility lines, know the county codes, and minimize disturbance of the natural landscape. Berry Paving has almost 40 years of experience in all of this and will efficiently and professionally complete your paving project in Centreville, VA.

The Age Old Question: Concrete or Asphalt for Your Commercial Paving?

The age old question: Asphalt or Concrete? While asphalt costs less initially and allows for flexible pavement, concrete can last longer with less maintenance and repair work. There are benefits for both materials, but if you’re still deciding on which is the right job for your commercial paving in Fairfax, VA, contact Berry Paving today!

Berry Paving Pays Attention to the Finer Details of Your Site Work

From painting, signing, seeding or sod, we will complete your site work job to the finest of details. Preparing for a concrete pad or parking lot is a huge project to undertake, but our team of experienced engineers can navigate it efficiently and with the proper techniques. Contact Berry Paving today for your Lorton, VA site!

Sewer and Electrical Details Complicating Your Paving Project?

Sewer systems and underground electrical lines interfering with your site work in Fairfax, VA? Our team has experience completing sites with manholes, culverts, sewer boxes, and more! Berry Paving can work with and around water mains and utility lines, including communications with utility authorities. Contact us today for any concerns you have about your paving project.

No Paving Project Too Big or Small in Centreville, VA

Our paving and repair services include asphalt & concrete paving, resurfacing, new construction, design, patching, crack filling, cement stabilization, and more! For an estimate for your Centreville, VA paving project – big or small – contact Berry Paving today!

Let Berry Paving’s Experienced Team Manage Your Asphalt Paving!

Asphalt patching or overlay? These are one of the many questions to be answered when managing an asphalt paving and repair project. You also need to know the amount of material needed for the job. This can be a lot to take on, but Berry Paving has almost 40 years of site work experience in the Northern Virginia area. Contact us today for us to come out and answer any questions you have about your paving!

The Berry Paving Team Wishes You a Happy 4th of July!

Happy July 4th! If you are planning any paving projects big or small after the holiday, contact Berry Paving in Lorton, VA! We are ready to handle any site improvements that your property needs.