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Berry Paving & Concrete Construction Co., Inc.
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Ready for Your Commercial Asphalt Paving in Springfield, VA

Our team is ready for your commercial asphalt paving in Springfield, VA or anywhere else in the Northern Virginia area! Berry Paving’s services include: asphalt and concrete paving, resurfacing, new construction, design, repair, milling, coatings, striping, grading/utilities, and more! Ask us for a free estimate by calling 703-550-0036 or fill out our web form here:

asphalt paving and construction springfield, va

High Quality Commercial Paving and Construction in Arlington, VA

We are proud to offer high quality commercial asphalt and concrete paving! Our paving services includes: asphalt & concrete paving, resurfacing, new construction, and design. We will also paint and stripe for parking lots. Need an estimate for your paving and construction work in Arlington, VA? Call Berry Paving at 703-550-0036!

Free Estimates for Your Paving and Site Work Jobs in Fairfax, VA

Need to repair, repave or resize your commercial driveway or parking lot in Fairfax, VA? Berry Paving provides free estimates for your paving and site work jobs! Our team works hard to provide our customers with their paving and concrete needs at competitive rates. We are your full service asphalt and concrete paving contractor! Contact us at 703-550-0036!

Site Work Project in Annandale, VA in the Future?

Have a site work project lined up in Annandale, VA the future? We will complete your site work down to the finest detail. Our crew will handle the painting, signage, and seeding (or sod). We also frequently work on sites with manholes, culverts, sewer boxes and underground electrical lines. Berry Paving is ready to complete the job with a beautiful layer of asphalt paving or concrete. Call us at 703-550-0036!

Construction and Design for Your Asphalt or Concrete Paving

Looking for construction and design management for your asphalt and concrete paving? With our strong and dedicated crew of superior machine operators and supervisors, we’ve supplied the Northern Virginia area with quality paving, dumpster rentals, and turn-key projects for almost 40 years! Contact Berry Paving at 703-550-0036 for a free estimate on your site construction or repair project.

Your Asphalt or Concrete Contractor in Springfield, VA

“We were looking for a concrete contractor to design and integrate a driveway for our commercial property, leveling and preparing areas that would be used as accessible paths. From initial estimate to construction and cleanup, Berry Paving was very communicative and professional. The work looked great, and we highly recommend them!”
– M.H in Springfield, VA

Looking for the right contractor to complete your asphalt or concrete pad, driveway or parking lot? For a free estimate, contact Berry Paving at 703-550-0036!

concrete contractor in springfield, va

Repairing Cracks or Unsightly Slabs on Your Commercial Property in Manassas, VA

Cracked or unsightly slabs, sidewalks, steps, or driveway on your commercial lot in Manassas, VA? Berry Paving offers demolition and repairs for your needed commercial paving! We have all the necessary equipment for any scope of work. In addition, we offer painting and striping. For an estimate on your commercial site improvement, contact us at 703-550-0036!

Helping Out Contractor with Paving Materials in Lorton, VA

“The most professional and helpful business I have dealt with in a very long time. I had a job that required a small amount of asphalt on site within a few hours. My first call was to Berry Paving. I told Katie of my situation and within one hour she had me a truck, driver, called the plant, ordered the asphalt, grabbed me a bucket of tack, and helped me finish the job. Mine wasn’t a million dollar order but they sure provided me with million dollar service. Thank you Katie and everyone at Berry Paving.”
– Lance M. in Lorton, VA

From jobs big to small, we are ready to help with your commercial paving! For an estimate or inquiry about our services, contact Berry Paving at 703-550-0036 or fill out our online form here: